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Sceduled Server Maintenance 26.3.2021

Dear Players -

Sceduled Server maintenance will proceed from 12:00 till 14:00 Server Time.

-There will be new updates
-Database backup

-Log clearning

[!] Moss gamble adjusted - Spins price decreased by 50% (Except AA Box) & drop rates Increased - Sculptures, Ghost Horse.

[!] Chaos Machine Rates Increased for all Combinations - New rates

[!] DD Archers Hp/Dmg/Def decreased (Same as DD2 Ghosts)

[!] Elite Mobs instant Re-spawn fixed (Level 1000+ Maps Bosses) - New Re-spawn time is 12 Hours now.

[!] Elite drops reworked.

[!] Added 12 unmarked CryWolf spots & Fenrir Material Drop Rates Increased by 300%+ Permanently!

[!] Fixed Gun Crusher character creation type selection not working

[!] Fixed guild approval awaiting list not displaying pending requests properly

[!] Fixed fail on 100% success rate for selection of Chaos Box mixes

[!] Fixed selection of Archangel weapons upgrade mix not working

[!] Fixed PStore Database errors

[!] Excluded Labyrinth/4th Class Quest from CryWolf benefits/penalties

[!] Fixed Gun Crusher 4th wings creation - Yes! lvl 4 GC wings finally arrived in Dymo-Mu!

[!] Fixed COMBO skill effect appears at invalid cases

[!] Enabled (optionally) PK for BC and DS - Currently Disabled

[!] Fixed auto-stack of siege potions

[!] Fixed durability of siege potions when picked up from ground 2 > 1

[!] Fixed F8 UI hide not working

[!] Fixed F7 crash game client in certain scenarios

[!] Fixed selection of mastery upgrade mix not working when input item option is greater than 16

[!] Decreased slightly (for better experience) max zoom out range for 3D Camera plugin

[!] Fixed Muun options description

[!] Fixed default MonsterList.xml configuration

[!] X Shop Reworked

-[BK] Sword Blow Skill Damage Increased

-[DW] MeteorStorm / MeteorStrike / EvilSpirit (4th) Skill Damage Increased

-[Elf] Attack Speed Lowered

-[Elf] Focus Shot/ Mutli Shot Skill Damage Increased

-[MG] Dark Blast / EvilSpirit (4th) / Gigantic Storm / Fire Blood / Ice Blood / Fire Slash Skill Damage Increased

-[DL] WindSoul / Fire Burst (3rd) (4th) / ChaoticDiseier (3rd) (4th) Skill Damage Increased

-[SUM] Attack Speed Increase (Increased Limitation of Speed)

-[SUM] Death Sycthe Skill Damage Increase

-[RF] Spirit Hook / Dark phoenix Shot / Dragon Roar /DarkSide Skill Damage Increased

-[GL] Attack Speed Increased

-[GL] Shinning Peak / Breche / Magic Pin Skill Damage Increased

-[RW] Lightning Storm Skill Damage Increased

-[SL] Batflock / Inertia / Piercing Skill Damage Increase

-[GC] Attack Speed Increased

1. Fenrir Section added - READ Item description in X SHOP - Custom option Fenrirs.

2. Bless of Light 10x Medium and Greater grades added

3. Bless of Light (Low Grade) Deleted permanently

4. Mysterious Stone temporary removed

Run launcher for update. Dymo Team

Published by Administrator, March 26, 2021
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