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Dymo Mu Online Users
Server Info 109

Grand opening on 20.3.21

Dear Players,

All are welcome to join our closed beta - join our discord channel and Private message DymoMu.

More information will be given as we go.

Registration is open!


Exclusive Features:

Experience : x40 NON RESET 30% DROPS

Ice Wind Valley - Will release in couple of weeks after launch

Offlevel Enabled




Custom VIP - Castle - Ice Wind Valley ranks - Will release with Ice Wind Update

New Moss Gambler - Great Rewards

Fully Balanced PvP!

Real Play2Win Server!

PVP Kills Notifications is ON

Bosses Kill/Respawn Notifications is ON

Premium Anti-Cheat System!


Season 16 New Features:

Knight class renewal

Party System renewal

New Mastery Talismans

Third mastery Earrings

Excellent Socket Necklaces

Renewed Gremory Case System

Renewed Personal Store System

Temple of Arnil map and monsters

Red Smoke Icarus map and monsters

Sixth and Seventh Mastery Grade items

General UI improvements of game client

New character class Gun Crusher, items, skills, wings

New guardian mount types, Ice Dragon and Ice Dragon Rare



Starting Gear/Weapons/Mini Wings

5 Days Buffs

5 Days EXP Boost

---- Here are some of the updates ----


-Added Barracks warp with quest NPC and elf helper


-Editted Text on Cash Shop Purchase

-Firecracker Fixed (No Item Drop, just Firecracker Effect))

-Box of Luck Drop Jewel/Pets/Miracle Coin + 2 GP. 

-Box of Heaven Drop Jewel/Pets/Miracle Coin(x10) + 10 GP

-Added Silver/Gold Key to Drop

-Added MultiWarehouse (0-5) Command: /ware 0 /ware 1 /ware 2 /ware 3 /ware 4 /ware 5

-BloodCastle Reward: AA Weapons / Jewel / Ruud Box(Higher the Level-More Ruud Boxes) / Loch Feather / Condor Flame / Steel of Heaven

-VIP System Exp 30% Chaos Machine Rate + 10%

Silver Medal

-Low Tier Item : Non Exc + 7~9 -Start Drop: Lorencia

-End Drop: Losttower

Gold Medal

-Mid Tier Item: Non Exc + 7~9

-Start Drop: Tarkan

-End Drop: Acheron

Chocolate Pink Box

-Mid-High Tier Item: Non Exc + 7~9

-Start Drop: Tarkan

-End Drop: Acheron

Blue Pink Box

-High Tier Item: Non Exc + 7~9

-Start Drop: Kanturu

-End Drop: Acheron

380 Tier Item: Non Exc + 7~9

-Start Drop: Vulcanus

-End Drop: Acheron

Box of Heaven/ Luck: Jewel & GP Reward

-Start Drop: Lorencia

-End Drop: Arenil Temple

Silver Box: 380 EXC Armors (Random Exc Options)

-Start Drop (Sealed Box/Key): Lorencia

-End Drop (Sealed Box/Key): Arenil Temple

Golden Box: 380 EXC Weapons (Random Exc Options)

-Start Drop (Sealed Box/Key): Kanturu -End Drop (Sealed Box/Key): Arenil Temple





Published by Administrator, March 15, 2021
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